Announcing the High Desert Distance Challenge III (2012)      
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Scientific Disc Golf supports the future of the sport. The young players we
sponsor dream of becoming professional disc golfers. We at Scientific Disc Golf
hope to help keep the dream alive, not only for young disc golfers but for all of
us who look forward to the day when disc golf is a full-fledged professional sport.

We hope to accomplish this by supplying the disc golf community with innovative,
quality gear at a good value - a no nonsense scientific approach. All proceeds go
to support young disc golfers who are dedicated to improving their abilities,
promoting the sport, and acting professionally, or they are reinvested in the
company to provide future support for these players.


Inquires welcome. Retailers, tournament directors, clubs, etc., please feel free to
contact us regarding volume discounts, player packages, merchandise payouts, and
selling Scientific Disc Golf brand products.   
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